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Unlicensed Practice of Law

  BEWARE: The Supreme Court of Florida, in an effort to protect the elder public against these predators, has recently ruled that it is unlawful for non-attorneys to advertise, advise, draft documents, and, in general, to advise "customers" to become Medicaid/VA benefit eligible.

Violators will be prosecuted for the Unlicensed Practice of Law, a Third Degree Felony in the State of Florida.

For further details on the State of Florida's Supreme Court ruling go to www.floridasupremecourt.org/decisions/2015/sc14-211.pdf


Florida Medicaid Manual

florida medicaid manual

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Qualified Income Trust


Preparing and filling the Instutional Care Program (ICP) Medicaid Application Properly is crucial to obtaning...Read More

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The following caculators are for illustrative purposes only and are ment to only apply to Florida Medicaid ICP.

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